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If you are looking for a program in C++ that performs basic arithmetic operations, you have come to the right place. This C++ calculator program can add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers, and can also handle parentheses and brackets in expressions.

The program uses string inputs to receive user input and parses them to perform arithmetic operations. It also checks for parentheses and brackets in the input expression and handles them accordingly. The program also has error handling to ensure that only valid expressions are entered.

To use this program, simply run the code in a C++ IDE or compiler. The program will display a welcome message and prompt the user to enter an arithmetic expression. The user can then enter an expression and the program will display the result of the computation.

The program also has a clear function that allows the user to remove previous data and start over. If the user wants to exit the program, they can enter 'z' to exit.

Here is an example of how the program works:



----->  Welcome to our calculator  <-----
----->  Write source-code of Calculator in C++ by SA Coder. Website = https://www.sacoder.com/  <-----

Proform any arithmetical operation( / , * , + , - )
If you want to exit type 'z'
Type 'clear' for remove previous data

The result is: 3.00026

Overall, this C++ calculator program is a useful tool for performing basic arithmetic operations, and its ability to handle parentheses and brackets makes it a more powerful tool for more complex computations.

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